Common name: Stonecrop

Sedums have succulent leaves that make them tolerant to periods of drought, but do appreciate some moisture in the soil in summer.

They are also tolerant to cold, surviving temperatures down to minus 15°C (5°F) and will grow in poor soil providing they are in a sunny spot.

They are generally trouble free to most insect pests, except leaf miner.

The coloured leaf forms will on occasions revert to green, cure this by pruning out the reverted sections.

The evergreen alpine/rockery form flowers in June/July, and grow 50mm (2") high with a spread of 300mm (12")

Border varieties can grow to 600mm (24”) tall.

Sedum acre
Sedum spatbulifolium
Sedum spectabile

Sedum spurium
Sedum stoloniferum
Sedum weihenstephenlr

The variety spectabile is a particular favourite with butterflies and bees.

After flowering leave the faded flowers on the plants throughout the winter to give some protection to the crown of the plant.

Bees & Butterflies
on flower head


Week 16:

Cut the stems and faded flower heads off to ground level.

Week 17:

Sow seed in pots/trays/ of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of around 16°-18°C (61°-64°F)

Prick off the seedlings, when large enough to handle into trays/boxes of potting compost, and grow on till approx 50mm tall.

When they reach this stage, pot them up into 75mm (3") pots of potting compost then grow on in the coldframe until planting out time in October.

Week 26:

Take tip cuttings by inserting 50-75mm (2"-3") shoots into a 50-50 mixture (by volume) of multipurpose compost and sharp sand.

Grow on in a cold frame until rooted.

Pot up rooted cuttings into 75mm (3") pots of potting compost and grow on in cold frame until planting out time.

Week 40:

Plant out between now and April, in well drained garden soil, preferably in a sunny spot.

Now is a good time to divide mature plants, alternatively leave this task until Week 14 > the following year when the new growth starts appearing.

Small offsets should be potted up into 70mm (3”) pots and grown on in a coldframe until they have made a good root system.

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