Sambucus nigra


Sambucus nigra - Black Lace is an easy to grow hardy (H6) deciduous bushy shrub that will grow to 3m (10ft)in height with a similar spread.

It will tolerate hard pruning to restrict its size which is a useful attribute if a smallish shrub if desired.

The distinctive lacy effect foliage consists of deeply dissected purplish-black leaves from spring to autumn.

In summer flat umbels of tiny pinkish flowers with a characteristic grape scent of elder flowers is borne abundantly during the summer months.

Occasionaly the may sport purple-black berries after flowering.

These along with the flowers can be used for flavouring and cooking.

Various stages of Growth


They prefer moist humus-rich well-drained soils in full sun but will also tolerate partial shade, and are tolerant to most soil types including alkaline / chalky soil.

Similarly they will tolerate either a North/East/South/Facing aspect in sheltered or exposed areas.


circa Week 26 Propagate by softwood cuttings or

circa Week 40 take hardwood cuttings.


Aphids (blackfly) may infest young shoots and foliage


May be affected by verticillium wilt

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