Common name: Painted Tongue or Velvet trumpet

Salpiglossis sinuata is a colourful short lived perennial originates from the Andes in South America.

It is generally treated as a half hardy annual in the UK, and is best grown in cool a area to prolongs the blooming period.

They grow from around 300-600mm (12"-24")high subject to variety, making them a good cut flower subject.

Note: the flowers stems can be quite sticky to handle!

Mixed variety in the border

Regular deadheading will ensure a flowering from mid summer to mid autumn (Jul-Oct)

In exposed areas plants may require some support.

The petunia shaped flowers come in a wide range of petal colours and coloured throats.

For example: Pink, red, blue,violet,orange yellow,with some being self coloured, and others with heavily veined throats in contrasting colours.

In fact in some occasions different coloured flowers can be found on the same plant.

Selection of the wide range of colours to be had

The low growing varieties can be used to add a bit of colour in containers and baskets.

Do not allow plants to dry out during prolonged dry periods, but equally do not overwater.


Week 10:

Sow seeds on the surface of a proprietory seed compost.

Cover the seed container to exclude light and germinate at a temperature of18°- 21°C (65-70°F)

Germination should take about a 5-7 days.

Week 12:

Prick out if large enough to handle.

Prick out more than you need as the young seedlings are prone to damping off!

Week 21:

Plant out in full sun or partial shade 300-500mm (12"-18") apart in enriched soil,with a pH of 6.5 / 7.0

circa Week 23-24:

Pinch out tops of plants to encourage them to bush up.

Circa week 30 and monthly thereafter, apply a high potash feed to encourage flowering.

Circa week 35-40:

Collect seeds.

Ensure that the pods are quite dry when picked.

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