Propagating Eye Cuttings



Eye cuttings are pieces of foliated or defoliated stalks / stems with one or more eyes. .

When the plant is dormant cut off a section of stem (1) approx 50-100mm (2"-4") long with at least one bud on it.

(3) Either remove the bark from the stem immediately behind the bud (eye) or slice the stem in two and place the top piece (5) on the surface of the compost, put in a propagator to root (6) at a temperature of 13°- 16°C (55°- 60°F)

Alternatively, insert the cutting at an angle so the eye faces upward and is not more than 12mm (½") below the surface of the compost.

1) Select Stem
2) Cut to ensure one bud per section
3) Slice each section

4) Sliced Section
5) Lay cutting on compost
6) Ready for Propagator

Place the container (6) in a propagator or an area where the air temperature can be maintained at around 10°C (50°F) idealy with gentle bottom heat so that the compost is around 4°C ( 40°F)

The compost should be kept uniformly moist, but not wet.

Pot on the cuttings when the growth is 50-75mm (2"-3") high into 75mm (3") pots filled with potting compost.

Grow on for a couple of weeks in a spot where the air temperature can be maintained at around 10°C (50°F) then gradually harden them off in preparation for planting out in their final quarters.

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