Propagating Suckers


Some types of trees / shrubs send up new shoots or suckers from their roots which to some gardeners become a nuisance so they remove them, when in fact they can be used to increase stock of that particular tree / shrub.
Typical Sucker Growth

If new stock is required, begin the process circa Week 15 and this will give the suckers the rest of the season to establish themselves.

With trees that have been grafted on to a new rootstock ensure that you take suckers from above the graft*

* Suckers below the graft will produce plants resembling the rootstock variety rather than the grafted variety.


  • When collecting the sucker/s firstly loosen the soil around the parent plant with a hand-fork, and then carefully lift the sucker, being careful not to disturb the parent plant.

  • Sever the sucker with a sharp knife, ensuring that it comes away with some roots attached.
Rooted Sucker

Once the sucker/s have been removed replace and firm the soil around the parent plant.

Do not allow the plant to dry out, particularly in its first season.

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