Propagating Softwood Cuttings



Many shrubs are best propagated from the soft young shoots they produce in spring or early summer.(1)

Although softwood cuttings can be taken at most times of the year, it is better to take them in June / July, to allow them time to establish before the onset of winter.

Do not use shoots showing signs of pest or disease damage.

Pinch out the growing tip if the cutting is longer than 100mm (4”).

1) Soft young shoots
2) Sever Cutting
3) Prepared Cutting

A soil temperature of around 16°C (60°F) and a minimum air temperature of 4°C (40°F) is ideal.

Depending upon species / variety cuttings should root in approximately six to ten weeks.

A sign that they have rooted is, the growing tip will be a fresh green colour.

Once rooted pot on into suitable sized pots of potting compost.

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