Propagating Semi-hardwood Cuttings


In some areas Semi-Hardwood Cuttings may be referred to as Semi-ripe cuttings.

This technique is often used to propagate many popular shrubs and climbers.

Cuttings are taken from the current season's growth that has just begun to harden, usually between July and September.

Semi-Hardwood Cuttings are firmer than softwood cuttings, and less mature than hardwood cuttings, this is often indicated by a slight change in the colour of the stem i.e. riper wood is generally darker.


In most cases no heat is required to root the cuttings but it is best to offer protection e.g. a cloche or cold frame.

Hygiene is paramount, always use clean sharp cutting tools, and only select healthy material.

Taking the cuttings in the morning will help to reduce wilting.

1) Select Cutting
2) Sever Cutting
3) Prepare Cutting

4) Insert into Compost
4) Insert into Compost
5) Cut leaves

Semi-hardwood cuttings take longer to root than soft cuttings, however, depending upon conditions the cuttings should be rooted in two to three weeks.

Once rooted pot on into suitable sized pots.

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