Common name: Mock Orange

Philadelphus coronarius is a fast growing hardy deciduous flowering shrub originating from southern Europe and the Caucasus.

The flowers that bloom in late June have a fragrance reminiscent of orange blossom, hence its common name.

The foliage is slightly tender and needs shelter to protect it from both late frosts and full scorching sunlight.

They can grow to around 2.5metres (8ft) high, and spread to around 1.5 metres(5ft) if grown in the open.

These dimensions can be reduced with pruning and training at the appropriate time, making them a useful subject for growing in a large container.

Philadelphus in flower
Closer and closer look at the Philadelphus flower.


Week 18:

Transplant the rooted cuttings (taken the previous year) in a nursery bed, or pot up into 125mm (5") pots of potting compost and grow on in a cold frame until planting out time.

Week 28:

Take 100mm (4") cuttings of half-ripe lateral shoots and insert them in pots containing equal parts (by volume) peat and sharp sand.

Place in a cold frame to root.

Week 30:

Thin out old wood after flowering, taking care not to remove the new young shoots, which will flower the following year.

Week 40:

Plant in any ordinary, well-drained garden soil in full sun or partial shade between now and the end of March.

Week 42:

As an alternative to half ripe cuttings (taken in July) take 300mm (12") hardwood cuttings and root these in a sheltered border.

Insert the cutting 200mm (8") deep into a Vee shaped trench filled with sharp sand.

Ensure that they are the correct way up.

Grow on for a year and transplant out at normal planting time a year later.

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