Orache - Atriplex hortensis is an attractive leafy annual vegetable,often used as substitute for spinach.

It is more tolerant of heat, cold and drought and is easier to grow than spinach.

There are a number of varieties ranging in colour from pale green to purple and they are grown as a seasonal annual.

Its variable colour makes it an attractive, pleasantly flavoured garnish to a salad.

Orache - Atriplex hortensis

It needs frequent watering to prevent it running to seed.

Another attribute is, as well as being edible it makes for an an attractive plant in the herbaceous border where, subject to variety, it can grow up to one metre high.

The purple flowers it produces are rather insignificant against the red / purple leaves.


Week 13:

Sow seed in trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of around 13°- 16°C (55°-60°F)

Germination should take five to seven days.

Week 16:

Prick out plants when large enough to handle.

Week 21:

Plant out 250-300mm apart in a sunny spot.

Circa week 28>

Harvest the young leaves like spinach.

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