Common name: Chilean Bellflower

Nolana as the common name suggests, are from Chile and Peru.

These annuals make a good ground cover plant for difficult areas with poor dry soil*, providing it gets full sun.

White Variety
Blue Variety

*Having said that better results are to be had if the soil is fertile and well drained, so in areas of poor soil, incorporate some humus making material in and around the planting hole.

They form low, spreading clumps, 150mm-300mm (6"-12) in height.

Its drooping/trailing habit makes it a useful plant for containers and baskets.

Their leaves are ovate, and are up to 50mm (2") long.

Their 50mm (2") diameter 5-lobed, bell shaped flowers are light or dark blue with a white throat.


Week 13:

Sow seeds on the surface of pots/trays of seed compost and germinate at 18°C (65°F)

Germination should take about four or five days.

Week 15:

Prick out seedlings into cell trays or boxes.

Gradually harden off until planting out time.

Week 21;

Plant out 150mm (6") apart in a sunny position.

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