Common name: Love in a Mist

Nigella damascena is a hardy annual plant from the Ranunculaceae family, that is well suited to the border and for cut flowers.

It is native to the coastline of the Mediterranean and southwest Asia.

They can grow to around 600mm (2ft) depending upon variety.

The leaves are thread like which gives a misty look to the plant hence the common name.

The white, yellow, pink, pale blue or pale purple 5-10 petalled flowers appear in late June and continue through into August/September.

Nigella Flowerhead

The flowers are followed by 25mm brown seed pods.

At this stage the stems are sometimes cut and collected then used in flower arrangements.


Week 15:

Sow seed in pots / trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 12°- 15°C (54°- 57°F).

Germination should take seven to ten days.

Alternatively, sow in there flowering site, thinning them out as necessary later.

Week 17:

Prick out seedlings into cell trays or boxes of potting compost and gradually harden off until planting out time.

Week 21:

Plant out 250-300mm (10"-12") apart in a sunny spot.

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