Common name: Guernsey Lily

Nerines are a bulbous plant originating from South Africa.

They like cool temperatures but not extreme cold, hence the reason they are generally grown under glass in the UK. e.g. in Alpine houses.

In southern parts of the UK the bulbs can be planted out in a sunny border that is against a wall and is free draining.

Nerine bowdenii

Outdoor Cultivation:

Week 26>:

Plant bulbs out 100mm(4") deep and 150mm(6") apart in well drained* sunny border or against a wall for protection.

*Add some sharp sand to the bottom of the hole, if drainage is suspect.

Plants can be divided every four or five years or if the amount of flowers becomes markedly less.

Container Cultivation:

Week 32;

Pot bulbs up in 100-150mm pots of potting compost with a little added grit for drainage.

Set one to three bulbs per pot with their neck just above the compost.

Keep the plants moist during the winter maintaining a minimum temperature of 10°C.

Commence watering when the flower buds appear.

When the foliage is established give the plants a balanced liquid feed for a couple of months until the leaves turn yellow, then withhold water until the flower buds re-appear.

Too much feeding can encourage leaf growth at the expense of flowers.


Bulbs can remain in the same pot for a number of years.

Divide the bulbs every 4 - 5 years or when they become overcrowded.


The fleshy seeds should be sown immediatley on collection.

Press 6mm (¼!) into the surface of gritty compost, but do not not cover.

Do not water the surface of the compost, but sit the container in a bowl/tray of water until the surface of the compost becomes moist.

Grow them on as you would bulbs with alternate growing / resting periods.

The seedlings can take up to five years to flower.

Pests and Diseases:

They are susceptible to mealy bug attacks.

Treating the plants with a systemic insecting at start up time might ward them off.

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