Narcissus Eelworm


Eel worm activity appears as stunted growth and yellowish foliage, and gaps in bedding arrangements where bulbs have already died.

It can also affect Bluebells and Snowdrops.

The symptoms: are not unlike Narcissus basal rot.

For example: if a bulb is cut in half, complete or partial rings of brown, dead tissue can be seen where the eelworms have been feeding.

The microscopic eelworms live and feed within the bulbs during their dormant period and move on to the foliage during the growing season.

They are spread to other plants through foliage contact or by migrating through the soil.

If eelworm is discovered, dig out affected bulbs and destroy and move adjacent bulbs before they become infected by migrating eelworm.

There are no chemical controls available to the amateur gardener.

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