Common name: Winter Radish

The flavour of winter radish or mooli radish as it is sometimes known, is pleasantly peppery and adds some zest into stir-fries or salads.

The pale creamy-white carrot like tapered roots, grow up to 300mm (12") long.

Like carrots, they grow best in stone free well drained humus rich soil, that is in a sunny position.

Mooli Roots


Week 25-30:

Sow pinches of seeds 100-150mm (4"-6”) apart along the row in drills 250mm (10") apart.

Once germinated thin the plants to one radish per station 50-100mm (2"-4") apart.

Alternatively, make successional sowings at three to four week intervals.

Station Sowing
Thin Sowing


Harvest young, or leave to mature for hotter more peppery roots.

Leaving them in the ground until they have been subjected to a mild frost can also improve the taste.

If particularly cold weather threatens, lift the crop and clean off any soil then store the roots in slightly moist sand in a cool, frost-free place.

Hard frosts, will freeze the flesh and cause it to turn to an inedible pulp when thawed.

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