Common name: Monkey flower

Mimulus hybrida is a hardy short lived perennial, generally grown as an annual in the UK.

It has brightly coloured flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow borne on compact plants, that are suited to bog gardens and pool edges, but often used in container and bedding displays.

Typical flower head colours and formation

The plants can vary in height from 100mm to 300mm (4"-12") depending upon variety, and flowers from late May into August.

These plants are suited to bog gardens, and pool edges but often used in container and bedding displays.


Week 15:

Sow seeds in pots / trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 16°-18°C (61°- 64°F)

Germination should take about five days.

Week 16:

When large enough to handle prick out into 50mm (2") cell trays or boxes 50mm (2") apart, and grow on at 12°-15°C (54°-61°F)

Week 21:

Plant out 200mm (8") apart in sun or partial shade.

Week 29:

Collect seed if required.

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