Common name: Rose Campion

Lychnis coronaria is a native of SE Europe is a short lived hardy perennial that grows to around 600-750mm (24"-30") high and spreads to around 500mm (18").

It is a useful plant for areas with poor quality soil.

This attribute also makes it useful in a wild garden situation.

The Purple to purple-red or white round flowers on long stalks appear in July and September

The long stems and its soft to touch silvery-grey, woolly leaves make it perfect as a cut flower.

Lychnis coronaria

Dead head plants regularly to prevent self seeding.

In exposed areas the plants may require support with twiggy sticks or similar.

Cultivation notes:

Week 8:

Sow seeds in pots/trays of seed compost and germinate at 16°- 18°C (60°-65°F).

Seeds should take around 6-7 days to germinate.

Week 10:

Prick off the seedlings, when large enough to handle into 3” (75m) pots and grow on until planting out time.

Week 13:

Apply a mulch of well rotted manure/compost each year.

Week 18:

Take basal cuttings from established plants, and place in a cold frame until planting out time the following May.

Week 21:

Top dress planting area with a balanced fertiliser prior to planting out seedlings/cuttings 300-400mm (12"-16") apart.

They prefer full sun or a lightly shaded area, where the soil is humus rich, and well drained.

Week 35:

Collect and sow ripe seeds and sow immediatly in pots/trays of seed compost and germinate at 16°- 18°C (60°-65°F).

Lift and replant any self seeded plantlets if required.

Week 44:

Cut dead stem to ground level in late autumn.

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