Lawn Care - Seeding



When creating a lawn one must consider what it’s going to be used for, and its location, that is:

Is it going to be a play area or a feature and Is it in sun or shade?

Once this has been established you can consider seed mixes.

For example: fine grass mixes are less hard-wearing than dwarf rye grasses, and therefore will require more maintenance.

If the area to be seeded is in relative shade or is likely to go short of moisture consider using seed mixes suited to shade and / or drought.

Most people opt for a utility mix that is suitable for most situations.

Idealy don’t attempt to sow in summer - it’s unlikely you will be able to give the lawn enough water to prevent it from shrivelling up and dying, and there is an increased possibility of 'hose bans' being put in place!


Circa Week 15 is best for spring sowing or Circa Week 36 for autumn sowing.

Sow the seed at the recommended sowing rates by hand or through a purpose made seed spreader.

If sowing by hand, mark the area into squares and sow half the seed in one direction and the other half at right angles to that, if using a seed distributor, make two passes at right angles to each other, applying half the seed at each pass.

As a general guide an application of 21-28 gms (¾-1oz) per square metre should suit most situations.

After sowing, lightly rake the seed into the soil, germination should occur within two weeks.

Protect the seeded area from birds with criss-crossed threads or humming lines.

If the weather at this time is quite dry, gently water with a sprinkler.

Take care not to disturb the seed by washing it into patches as this will affect the finished appearance.


When the grass is approximately 50-75mm (2”-3") high, roll it, then a few days later mow it with the mower blades set to remove about a third of the growth.

Subsequent care:

DO NOT use selective lawn herbicides e.g. Lawn Feed and Weed for at least six months.

Remove perennial weeds and coarse grasses by hand.

Regular mowing should keep annual weeds at bay.

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