Common name: Golden Chain or Golden Rain

Laburnum is a deciduous, spring-flowering tree / shrub, that can grow to a height of 6 metres (20ft) and spreads to around 3-3½ metres (10-12ft).

Yellow, slightly fragrant, pea-like flowers appear as pendulous racemes throughout late May and early June.

These trees are short lived but are easily raised from seed meaning it is relatively easy to produce replacements.

Laburnum racemes

Note: All parts of the tree are highly poisonous.

The pale green, bean-like seed pods are particularly dangerous when green and succulent.

In gardens where children play, the seed pods should be collected and destroyed as soon as they appear.


Week 18:

Check on cuttings taken the previous year!

If rooted pot them up into suitable sized pots of potting compost and grow on in a coldframe for another year.

Week 40:

Plant out at any time between now and March, in ordinary, well drained soil, and in sun or partial shade.

Stake young trees until they become established.

Sow seeds in pots / trays of seed compost, and place in a cold frame to germinate.

When large enough to handle, prick out seedlings into individual 100 mm. (4”) pots or boxes, and grow them on in a cold frame until planting out time.

Semi-hardwood cuttings can be taken now and rooted in a coldframe.

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