Kohl rabi


Common name: Turnip Cabbage

Kohl rabi is a quick growing vegetable similar to a turnip, but more tolerant to warm weather than a turnip.

There are purple and green varieties.

Mature plants grow to around 500mm (18") high with a similar spread.

The swollen bases have a slight cabbage taste but if allowed to grow too large they can turn a bit woody.

Kohl rabi


Successional sowing at three to four week intervals can ensure a continuous supply of tender roots till around December.

Week 17:

Sow seed, a pinch per individual 70mm (3") pot, and place in a cold frame to germinate.

Alternatively, sow 13mm (½") deep directly into the bed, in drills 400mm (16") apart.

Successional sowing can be made to around Week 28-30

Germination should take about four or five days in a pot, a little longer, if sown insitu.

Week 20:

Thin out seedlings in pots to the strongest and grow on in a cold frame.

Throw away the thinnings as these do not transplant well.

Week 22:

Plant out seedlings grown in pots 150mm (6") apart, and/or thin out seedlings that had been sown insitu to silmilar centres.


Keep weeds at bay by hoeing between the rows and water in dry weather.

If water supply is limited, apply one heavy soaking about 10 days before full maturity.

The swollen stems mature above ground so they may require protection from birds.


Harvest the plants when the swollen stem bases are about the size of a tennis ball.

If allowed to grow too large, they can turn a bit woody.

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