Kalanchoe are succulent shrubby greenhouse / house plants grown for its foliage and Orange, Pink, Red, White, or Yellow flowers that generally appear in spring.

With modern cultural method plants can be forced to flower at various other times of the year.

Orange Variety
Red Variety
Pink Variety
Close up of Flower

Some people discard their plants after the flowering is over, this isn't necessary, all one need do is cut off the flowering head, let the plant rest, reduce watering, and allow the plant/s to recover.

Once you see signs of fresh growth resume the normal plant culture.


As with most succulents, Kalanchoes originate from arid regions meaning great care should be taken when watering them.

They should be regularly watered throughout the summer.

It is advsisable to let the soil surface dry out between waterings.

In winter, the plant can be allowed to almost dry out, but watch the leaves for signs of water distress.


They perform best in bright, sunny locations.

During the winter months they should be placed in a position where they get the maximum available light! e.g. a south-facing window ledge.

Never let the temperature drop below 12°C (55°F)

Compost / Feeding:

Plant should be grown in a Ji / J2 type potting compost, and fed twice weekly with a general liquid fertiliser during the summer months.

A half strength feed at alternate waterings during the winter months should keep things ticking over nicely.


Subject to variety Kalanchoes can be propagated from tiny plantlets that form along the leaf margins, or from leafbud cuttings.

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