Jasmine nudiflorum


Jasmine nudiflorum is a hardy shrub that can be grown virtually anywhere, making it a useful plant for a north facing or shaded location.

It can grow up to 3metres (10ft) high consequently its long flexible stems will require support.

The yellow flowers, which are susceptible to cold wind, appear from late in the year (Nov/Dec) until April the following year.

Jasmine nudiflorum in flower
Closer look at the flowers
Jasmine nudiflorum in Winter


Week 12:

Sever self layered cuttings and plant them up into individual pots and grow on in a coldframe until planting out time.

Week 18:

After flowering, cut back the flowering growths to within 75mm (3") of the base.

Generally cut out shoots of old wood and any shoots that have outgrown their allotted space.

Top dress the area with a granular balanced fertiliser.

Week 32:

Take 75mm (3") semi hardwood cuttings.

Insert them into equal parts (by volume) peat and sand, and root in a place where a minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F) can be maintained.

When rooted, pot the cuttings singly into 75mm (3") pots of potting compost.

Week 35:

Stock can be increased by layering.

Select low growing shoots and pin them down into a sunken pots of compost or a holes formed in the ground.

Layers usually root within a year.

Week 40:

Plant out against a fence or wall, preferably south facing in fertile, well-drained soil and in full or partial sun.

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