Iris reticulata


Iris reticulata is one of the daintiest and most colourful of the Iris family.

The sometimes scented, flowers grow to around 200mm-450mm high (8”-18") and 100-125mm in diameter depending upon variety.

They will thrive in either full sun or partial shade, in moist soil ranging in pH from 5 -7½.

Remove the seedpods after flowering to help the bulbs recover.

This group is suited to growing in pots / containers..

The pots should never he brought into the greenhouse until the buds show colour.

Iris reticulata in border
Purple Iris reticulata
Yellow Iris reticulata
White Iris reticulata


Week 26:

Increase by division after the foliage has died down.

Most bulbs split into two naturally, with a number of smaller offsets.

The largest bulbs will flower the following year, but the smaller offsets should be set aside and grown to maturity in a nursery bed or pots.

Week 37>:

Plant the bulbs in a sunny, well-drained soil.

Plant dwarf varieties 50mm (2") deep and 100mm (4") apart, and 300mm (12") apart for the larger types.

After planting, feed with a high phosphorous fertiliser to encourage large bulbs to form.

Give some winter protection if in an exposed site. e.g. cloches.

Bulbs may be left in the ground after foliage dies down, but in wet heavy soils it is advisable to lift and store the bulbs until planting out time.

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