Common name: Morning Glory or Mina lobata

Ipomoea purpurea has many cultivars, and is a plant that some people consider to be a noxious weed, whereas, others will grow it because they find its beautiful purple and white flowers appealing.

It is a vigorous climber native to Mexico and Central America that requires a sheltered sunny position and light, rich soil.

Purple Ipomea
Red Ipomea

They can grow to a height of 2-3 metres (6-10ft) and therefore will require the support of a trellis, canes or wires fixed to a wall.

The stems are covered with brown hairs and the leaves are heart-shaped.

The 35-40mm (1½") diameter flowers that appear from July to September are trumpet-shaped, and predominantly blue to purple or white.

Deadhead the flowers regularly to prolong flowering season.

Ipomea climbing up trellis


Week 11:

Sow seeds under glass in pots or pans of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 20°C (68°F)

Pre-prepare the tough seed coat by soaking them overnight, or soaking in warm water for a few minutes before sowing.

Germination should take three to four days.

Week 13:

Prick out the seedlings, when large enough to handle into trays / boxes of potting compost.

Keep them moist and do not allow the young plants to become pot-bound, pot on as necessary.

Week 16:

Harden off in a cold frame before planting out.

Week 22:

Plant out 300mm (12") apart when all risk of late frost has passed.

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