Common Name: Candytuft

Iberis amara is a hardy annual well suited to fronts of borders, rockeries, and as wall edgings.

They are also well suited to growing in hanging baskets, porch boxes and as pot plants.

Plants can grow to a height of between 200mm-400mm (8"-15").

Iberis amara


Week 14:

Sow in pots or trays of seed compost and germinate at 16°C (60°F)

Germination should take about a week.

Week 16:

Prick out seedlings into boxes of potting compost and harden off in a cold frame before planting out.

Week 21:

When all fear of frost has passed, plant out in a sunny position 150mm (6") apart in ordinary, well-drained garden soil.

Dead-head the plants regularly to extend the flowering period.

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