Common name: Aaron's Beard or Rose of Sharon.

Hypericum calycinum is a fast growing semi-evergreen or evergreen sub-shrub originating from Asia minor.

It has a low-growing habit and forms a close green carpet of leafy shoots.

They grow to around 300mm (12") high, with a spread up to 1800mm (6ft), making it a useful ground cover plant.

Golden yellow flowers with long red-tipped stamens appear from summer in to autumn.

They will grow in virtually any type of soil,and will be quite happy in either full sun, part shade, shade, dry soil.

Hypericum calycinum

It can be propagated by taking basal cuttings circa Weeks 20-25, or by division circa Week 40-45

Once the cutting have rooted they should be potted up into 75mm(3") pots of potting compost and overwintered in a frost free coldframe or greenhouse until planting out time the following year. (circa week 18-20 if conditions allow)

Every two or three years, plants should be pruned back to around 75mm (3") high after flowering.

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