Holiday Plant Care


Prior to going on holiday the gardener / grower should make some provision for the welfare of their indoor plants, and any plants that will be in need of attention prior to their return.

Below are a few reminders that should be dealt with prior to your departure.


Make provision for the care of plants in the home and greenhouse, and remember to leave explicit instructions for friends looking after specialist plants.

Moisture control:

Plunge potted houseplants into larger containers filled with moist peat or moss.

Alternatively, set plants in containers on moist capillary matting laid in the bath or watertight trays.

Move containers and hanging baskets from their sunny environment into a shady place where they will dry out less quickly.

Water them well, then cover the plants with a sheet of shade netting material to reduce evaporation.

Alternatively, plunge pots up to their rim into the garden soil, as the plants dry out they will draw up moisture from the soil as nececessary.

Miscellaneous tasks:

Consider fitting automatic vent openers, and an automatic irregation system if you have a problem getting volunteers to take care of your plants during the holiday period.

Try to get the garden neat and tidy before going on your holidays.

Trim back spent flower heads in beds and borders, and ensure tall plants are adequately staked against heavy rain or strong wind.

Hoe to kill weeds and break up compacted soil surface.

If possible mow the lawn the day before leaving.

If your holiday is of a week or more, take the opportunity prior to your departure, to apply a selective lawn weed killer to areas where your pets usually roam freely.

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