Common name: Avens

Geum chiloense is a hardy clump forming short lived perennial suited to growing in borders,

Geum reptans or Creeping Avens as it is sometimes known are low growing and are suitable for growing in rockeries.

The border variety chiloense many of which are specifically named, grow to a height of between 300-500mm (12"-18") high with a similar sized spread.

The flowers appear from mid June until September.

Geum chiloense


Week 10:

Sow seeds in trays or pots of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 16°-18°C (61°F-64°F).

Germination should take about two weeks.

Week 13-14:

Prick out seedling if large enough to handle, into 70mm (3") pots of potting compost.

Grow on at 12°-16°C (54°-61°F) until planting out time.

Week 16:

Divide established plants and plant out divisions if ground conditions are suitable, if not wait until they are.

Week 35:

Plant out from now until the end of November, 250-500mm (10"-18") apart in fertile well drained soil, and in full sun or partial shade.

Avoid poorly drained soil.

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