Common name: Treasure Flower

Gazania a native to South Africa is a short-lived perennial in the UK.

It should be grown as an annual in all but the mildest areas, where it can be used to add colour to narrow borders or as features in groups in a herbaceous bed.

Alternatively grow them in planters of a size which can be taken into a frost free area and saved for the following year.

In Planter

The 70mm (3") diameter daisy-shaped flowers appear from July till the first frosts.

They grow to around 250mm (10") tall with a similar spread and need well-drained soil and full sun to be at their best, they tend to close when the sun goes down.

Typical Colours


Week 8:

Sow the seeds in pots/trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature 18°-21°C (64°-70°F)

They should take three to five days to germinate.

Grow on at 14°-16°C (57°-61°F)

Week 9:

Prick out the seedlings if large enough to handle into 75mm (3") pots of potting compost.

Grow on at a minimum temperature of 8°C (45°F) till planting out time.

Week 13:

Gradually harden the plants off.

Week 22:

Plant out 300mm (12") apart.

Week 43:

In colder areas it may be worth while lifting plants and potting them up to store in a frost free area.

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