Greenhouse Maintenance


Maintenance is generally an unknown quantity and can vary for numerous reasons, so the following list is just of a few 'mind joggers' to remind you of a few tasks that might need doing.

Week 2:

Clean propagator lid to allow maximum light penetration.

Check soil warming cables are functioning properly, and rake and level sand around them to ensure good heat distribution.

Consider installing a greenhouse lighting system!

This can boost the growth of seedlings and young plants quite considerably at this time of the year, when outdoor light levels are low.

Fitted Out Greenhouse

Week 9:

Cold water and compost can check seedling growth so fetch compost that has been standing outside into the greenhouse to warm up before using it.

Similarly, keep a can full of water in the greenhouse to take the chill off it.

Week 40:

Clean greenhouse and coldframes before the onset of bad weather with a disinfectant, e.g. Jeyes Fluid.

Use smoke bombs or spray to control any troubles lurking inside your greenhouse.

Remove as many plants as possible before washing down staging and all interior and exterior surfaces.

Pay special attention to cleaning out overlapping glazing.

Borders Cleared Out

Treat floors and beds with disinfectant and wash coarse aggregate materials used for ring culture beds.

Matting and sand used on capillary benches is best renewed.

Where disinfectants are used, allow plenty of time for fumes to disperse before re-housing plants.

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