Common name: Spurge

Euphorbia polychroma, is a clump forming herbaceous plant that grows to a height of 600mm (24") with a similar spread.

It produces clusters of yellowish green flowers in late spring to early summer.

Euphorbia Foliage
Euphorbia Flowers

Because of its hardiness and its tolerance to soils in the pH range of 6-8, and that it will grow in full sun, partial or full shade, means it is a plant suited to virtually any garden.

It is also a suitable plant for growing in containers, making it a very versatile plant indeed.

It requires very little maintenance.

Basically all thats required is that the plants should be cut back to ground level in late summer or autumn.

If required, collect seeds prior to discarding these prunings, and sow them immediately after collecting, or save them to sow the following spring circa Week 13.

Circa week18/19:

Plant out the resulting seedlings 500-600mm (18"-24") apart.

Euphorbias are usually pest and disease free, apart from the odd occasion when they might be affected by aphids and or grey mould.

The only apparent drawback is the sap it exudes when cut, this sap can produce an irritation if it gets onto the skin, and is poisonous if ingested.

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