Escallonia is a compact, fast growing evergreen shrub originating from South America.

It has small, glossy, ovate, dark-green leaves, and clusters of small red or pink, tubular flowers that appear in June - July.

Subject to variety it will grow from 1.5m (5ft) to 5m (16ft) making it a useful subject for forming a hedge.

Escallonia Flowerhead

It does not need much in the way of pruning other than to remove spent flowers.

If grown as a hedge it can be pruned quite hard to maintain a desired height and shape but this will reduce its flowering ability.

It prefers a sunny sheltered spot and will tolerate most types of soil providing it is well drained.

In cold areas it should be offered the protection of a south facing wall or fence.


Week 18:

Plant out rooted cuttings.

Week 20:

Pot up rooted cuttings into 100-125mm (4"-5") pots of Ji2 potting compost (or equivalent) and grow on in a coldframe till planting out time the following year.

Circa week 32:

Remove flowering growths after the have ceased flowering.

Now is also a convenient time to take 75-100mm heel cuttings.

Offering some bottom heat circa 13-16°C ( 55°-60°F) will encourage speedier rooting.

Once rooted pot up cuttings into 75mm(3") pots of Ji2 potting compost (or equivalent) and grow on in a coldframe throughout the winter.

Week 40 - Week 13:

Plant out if not done the previous April.

If being grown as a hedge plant out plants when they are around 300mm (12") tall.

Once planted remove the top 25% of the plant to encourage bushier growth.

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