Common name: Globe thistle

Echinops belongs to the daisy family compositae and grow wild in Southern Europe.

This is an ideal plant choice for large borders or a wild naturalised garden, providing it is well drained.

One must keep in mind that these plants, subject to variety and under ideal conditions, can grow to around 3 metres (10ft) high.

Echinops Flower heads

E. ritro, will grow to 2 metres (7ft),

E. Gmelinii, E. Sphaerocephalus - 900-1200mm (3-4ft)

E. Bannaticus - 600-900mm (2-3ft) high.

The round thistle-like, mid-blue flowers attract bees and butteflies and can appear several times during the season.

The flowers are ideal for cut flowers or drying for winter decoration.


Week 8-16:

Sow seed in trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 18°-20°C (64°-68°F)

Germination should take about 2-3 weeks.

Prick out when large enough to handle into 70mm (3”) pots and grow on at 10°-16°C (50°-60°F) until planting out time.

Week 40:

Plant out 600mm (24") apart in full sun and in any well-drained soil that has had liberal amounts of manure/compost dug in to it.

Plants can be divided between now and April.

Week 44:

Take root cuttings by setting them in trays of a 50-50 mix of compost and sharp sand, and over-winter in a cold frame.

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