Common name: Foxglove

Digitalis will grow in almost any soil except those that are excessively wet or dry.

It is also a prolific self-seeder.

To keep this attribute under control it is advisable to dead head them before they set seed.

They can grow up to 1500mm (5ft) high dependant upon variety.

The flowers appear from June till July.

Various colours that can be had from seed sown varieties

Parts of this plant are used in producing medicines and poisons, wash hands after handling these plants or wear gloves.


Week 8:

Sow seed under glass and germinate at 18°C (65°F)

Germination should around a week to ten days.

Week 11>:

Prick out seedlings if large enough to handle, into 70mm (3") pots of potting compost and grow them on in a coldframe until planting out time.

Week 27:

To grow them as a biennial, sow the seed directly in to a nursery bed, and lightly raking them into the soil.

It can be advantageous to add some peat or compost at this stage to assist germination.

Thin seedlings out to 150mm (6”) apart, transfer them to flowering site in September-October.

Week 28:

Remove faded central spike to encourage a second flush of flowers and collect seed if required.

Sow collected seed.

Week 40:

Plant out 450 mm (18") apart in partial shade, although they will also grow in full sun.

Week 42:

Cut whole plant down to ground level when leaves have died back.

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