A hardy deciduous flowering shrub often used as a hedge.

Most of the deutzias in cultivation are hybrids from parents of Asiatic origin.

They grow to around 2 m (6'6") high, with a similar spread.

In spring the young growth may require some protection to avoid it being cut back by spring frosts.

Clusters of pale pink, cerise or white star-shaped flowers appear from late spring to early autumn.

Shrub in Flower


Week 18:

Pot up cuttings taken the previous year into 150mm (6") pots of potting compost and grow on in the cold frame for another year.

Alternatively, plant them out into a nursery bed.

Week 32:

Take semi hardwood cuttings from lateral shoots and pot up in a 50-50 mix of peat and sand and root in a cold frame.

Week 35 >:

Prune back flowering stems after flowering, to ground level, to encourage new growth.

Week 40:

Plant out in full sun or dappled shade anytime from now until April.

Avoid planting out in areas that are subjected to North or Easterly winds.

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