Common name: Scotch Broom

A hybrid bred from the common broom scoparius.

Technically it is not an evergreen but the green stems give the effect of it being an evergreen.

If left unattended it will grow to a height of around 2.5metres (8ft) with a similar spread.

The yellow sweet pea like flowers, appear in May/June.

Shrub in flower
Close up of flowerhead


Established plants only need to be fertilized every few years.

Feed them early in the season with a balanced fertiliser.

Avoid high nitrogen fertilisers as this will encourage foliage at the expense of flowers.


Providing the soil has been well prepared prior to planting, watering may not be an issue as normal rainfall should be sufficient to keep it going.

Applying a 75mm (3") annual mulch around the base of the shrub can reduce evaporation in summer.

In exceptionally dry summers, soaking the area around the base of the plant will ensure the plant does not become stressed due to lack of moisture.


Week 15:

Sow seed in pots or trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 8°- 10°C (46°-50°F).

Germination should take 8-10 days.

This species will not come true from seed therefore it is better to take vegetative cuttings (see below)

Week 26:

When the seedlings are large enough to handle prick them out into individual 75-100mm (3"-4") pots of potting compost and grow on in a cold frame until planting out time.

Week 27:

Normally pruning is not required other than to keep the plant/s of a good shape and size so prune after flowering.

This is an opportune time to take heel cuttings if new or replacement stock is required.

Week 36:

Plant out in full sunlight, although it will tolerate some partial shade, in soil that is moisture retentive, and not too rich in nutrients.

They have some lime tolerance, but it is best to have the soil pH slightly on the acid side.

They resent root disturbance so when buying them, buy containerised plants rather than bare rooted plants.

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