Common name: Hawk's Beard

Crepsis is a hardy perennial suited for rockeries and borders.

It is p articularly useful in areas where the soil is quite poor, but they do need a sunny position.

The 25mm (1") diameter dandelion like pink flowers appear from July onwards.


Deadhead regularly to prevent self seeding.


Week 13:

Sow seed in pots or trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 16°- 18°C (60°- 65°F).

Germination should take up to a week.

Week 15:

Prick out seedlings into individual 70mm (3") pots of potting compost and place them in a frost free coldframe and grow them on until planting out time.

Week 18:

Divide and replant established plants.

Week 33:

Plant out 300mm (12") apart in most any type of soil providing it is in a sunny position.

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