Coral Spot


Coral spot nectria cinnabarina is a fungal infection that affects a wide range of trees and shrubs.

The small orange pustules are very distinctive, and may be seen at all times of year.

The fungus enters the plant via a wound, then grows in the wood and kills the branch.

If the branch is left on the tree / shrub, small, pink, pustules of the fungus will burst out of the dead bark a few months after death.

The disease can spread from infected branches, so prune out affected branches as soon as possible, and prune well back into healthy wood.

Burn the infected wood.

Disinfect your cutting tools after EACH CUT to prevent transferrance of the disease from one branch/tree to another.

Do not leave branch snags when pruning.


As prevention is better than cure, prune out unaffected dead wood at the same time to prevent it becoming a host for the disease.

As a further preventative measure, paint pruned ends with a wound paint.

To avoid more spores being produced do not leave dead wood lying around.

Similarly the fungus can form on stored peasticks, stacked logs, runner bean poles, plus any wooden material that has been left purposely to form winter habitats for wildlife!


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