Common name: Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis is an excellent plant for planting in cool shady corners or under trees providing the soil contains copious amounts of leaf mould or compost to give ample moisture at the roots.

They also make good container, rockery or ground cover plants.

Container grown plants can be brought under glass in early winter and forced to provide flowers during mid / late winter.

They grow 150-200mm (6"-8") high, and spreads to around 600mm (24")

The scented, white bell-shaped waxy flowers appear in April and May.

Planted out in Border
In Flower
Indoor feature


Week 2:

Fetch in plants potted up in October from the greenhouse and place them in a well lit spot and maintain a temperature of 20°C (68°F)

Ensure that they are watered frequently and are not allowed to dry out.

Week 17-18:

Take root cuttings.

Week 35-40:

Plant the crowns singly just below the surface of the soil, approximately 75-100mm (3"-4") apart, with their pointed ends uppermost.

Alternatively plant the small clumps 150-200mm (6”–8”) apart.

After planting, soak the area then top dress with compost or leaf-mould.

Save a few single crowns for flowering indoors.

Plant them up into a 150mm (6") pot of compost made up of equal parts (by volume) loam and leaf-mould, add some sharp sand to ensure good drainage,

Stand the pot in a cool greenhouse or coldframe until January, when they can be brought indoors and grown on in a temperature of about 18°C (65°F)

Frequent watering is necessary for rapid growth.

Potted Plant

Week 38:

Sow seed when ripe.

Prick out the young seedlings in to a nursery bed and grow on or two or three years before setting out in final positions.

Week 40-45:

Divide and replant the rhizomes of established plants.

Pot up a few pieces for flowering indoors. (see above)

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