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View of flowers and berries

Clerodendrum trichotomum - Carnival

Clerodendrum trichotomum is a deciduous flowering shrub native to Western China.

The tall slender stems can be tied / twined in to create a climbing effect.

It can grow to a height and spread of around 2-3metres (6-10ft).

Large 100-125mm (4”-5”) flower heads made up of numerous fragrant rose-pink flowers appear from August to September.

The flowers are followed by bright blue berries that are popular with birds in late autumn.

The species is slightly tender and is best grown in a sheltered spot.

They may be cut down by frost, but established plants will send up new shoots in spring.

Week 14:

No regular pruning is required, but frost damaged shoots should be removed now.

Larger established plants can be cut back to 300mm (12”) above ground level.

Week 15:

Sow seeds in a good quality seed compost and germinate at 18°C (65°F)

Prick out into individual 75mm(3") pots fill with potting compost (equiv Ji1) when large enough to handle.

Pot on as necessary until plants are large enough to plant out in their final quarters.

Week 16:

Pot up rooted heel cuttings into 100mm (4”) pots of potting compost and grown on in a cold frame, alternatively plant them out in a nursery bed.

Leave them to grow on for a couple of years, before planting them out in their final quarters.

Week 32:

Take 100mm (4”) long heel cuttings from lateral shoots.

Insert them in equal parts (by volume) peat and sand and place in a cold frame to root.

Week 36:

Plant out in a sheltered sunny or partially shaded site,where the soil is fertile and well drained.

This can be done anytime from now until March / April.

Week 38:

Increase stock by detaching rooted suckers (Irishmen’s cuttings), and replanting them into 100mm (4”) pots of potting compost and grow them on in a cold frame until the following year.

Alternatively plant the suckers in a nursery bed and grow on until the following year.

Week 40:

Plant out rooted cuttings taken the previous year.

Take some root cuttings and grow on in a frost free coldframe or cool greenhouse.

Treat them like other forms of cuttings once the new growth emerges.