Cineraria pericallis x hybrida is a flowering plant of the asteraceae family that originated in the the Canary Islands.

They are cool greenhouse plants, and to keep them at their best keep the day time temperatures at around 12°-18°C (55-65ºF) and a bit cooler at night.

Do not allow the temperature to go below 8°C (45ºF)

The daisy like flowers, come in a variety of colours, including pink, blue, white, red and purple.

Some blooms may be bi-coloured,with petal bases of a contrasting colour.

When in bloom, they need to stay moist, avoid allowing any water to stand in the saucer.


Bi-coloured variety
Self coloured variety

As they are developing and coming into bloom, keep them just slightly drier.

Average indoor humidity should suffice and they should never be misted.

Fertilize every other week with a water soluble liquid fertilizer at half strength until the plant/s starts to set buds, then stop feeding.


Week 24:

Sow seeds thinly on moist compost and germinate at a temperature of about 20°C (68°F)

Plants sown at this time should flower in December or January.

Germination could take up to a week.

Week 30:

Prick out seedlings when large enough to handle into 75mm (3”) pots.

Water cautiously for the first week or two, and then as required once the new roots have taken hold in the compost.

Place them out of direct sunlight in a cold frame to grow on throughout the summer.

Week 40 - 41:

Pot on seedlings into 125-150mm (5”-6”) pots.

Use well-drained potting compost, and ensure that the base of stem is not buried, or rotting will occur.

Place them back into the cold frame to grow on.


Move the plants into a cool greenhouse or conservatory.

Liquid feed every 14 days with a high potash fed once the flower buds have formed.

Water regularly, but be careful, over-watering may cause the plants to collapse prematurely.

Take special care not to wet the foliage unduly.

Watch out for pests such as aphids and leaf miner, the latter being particularly disfiguring.

After the flower buds have formed, maintain a minimum temperature of 10°C (50F).

Higher temperatures will speed up the flowering process.

Extend the flowering period by sowing a few at different times and carrying out the procedures above, proportional to the times shown below:

Seed sown circa Week 30 should flower around February.

Seed sown circa Week 35 should flower around March.

Seed sown circa Week 40 should flower around April/May.

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