Common name: Mexican Orange blossom

Choisya ternata is named after Jacques Denis Choisy a Swiss botanist and professor of philosophy at Geneva.

As the common name suggests they originate from south west USA and Mexico.

It is an evergreen flowering shrub of the citrus family that can grow to around 2.4m (8ft) high, with a similar spread.

The white star-shaped white to pink tinged aromatic flowers much loved by bees, appear in April / May, and occasionally again, later on in the year.

The leaves are also aromatic if crushed.

Evergreen leaves

They should be grown against a south facing wall in the colder areas of the UK, to reduce the effects of frost damage.

The soil should be free draining and have a pH of neutral to acid.


Week 16:

Cut back any frost damaged shoots back to ground level.

Leave further thinning to after the flowering period.

Week 18:

Plant out in a sheltered, sunny or partially shaded position.

Avoid planting in areas hit by the morning sun.

Week 20:

Pot up rooted cuttings taken the previous year into 100-125mm (4"-5") and grow on in a cold frame for another year.

Week 22:

Normally no regular pruning is required but thinning out can be done after flowering.

Week 30:

Take semi-hardwood cuttings and root them at a temperature of 16°- 18°C (60°- 65°F)

When rooted pot up into 70mm (3") pots and grow on in a cold frame until May the following year.

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