Common name: Spider plant

An evergreen house plant that grows to around 250-300mm (10"-12") high and is grown for its variegated foliage.

Plants should be positioned in a well lit airy, draught proof spot.

They need bright natural light, they may suffer from sunburn if grown in direct sunlight.

They prefer to be grown in a cooler 15°- 18°C (55°-65°F.) room.

Keep the compost evenly moist, but never soggy.


If the growing tips turn brown this may be a sign that the reacting against chemicals in your water supply.

Try using rainwater, cooled boiled water or distilled water.

Trim affected plants with a pair of clean, sharp scissors if necessary.

During the summer the plant will produce long flowering stems surrounded by plantlets that can be layered if more stock is required.

Closer look at plantlets


Week 12:

Pot up plants as necessary.

If required divide the plants at the same time.

Week 16:

Feed your plant/s every month with a general fertilizer.

Over fertilising can seriously damage your plant/s.

When you feed it/them, use half of the recommended strength.

Week 28:

Layer young plantlets into 70mm (3") pots of compost to root.

Ensure plantlets are well rooted before separating it from the parent plant.

If it is impracticle to use this method, select a plantlet with a fleshy, healthy set of roots.

Sever it from the parent and follow the same procedure, pinning it to a pot of compost.

This method of rooting will take about a month.

Week 40:

Reduce the amount of watering from now until March, but do not allow them to completely dry out.

Maintain a minimum winter temperature of 8°C (45°F)

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