Common name: Glory of the Snow


Their native habitat is the mountains of Crete, Cyprus and Turkey.

The common name is derived from the greek words chion and doxa which means snow and glory.

In the Rockery
Close up of Flowerhead

This hardy bulbous perennial has star-shaped blue flowers with with white centres and flowers around March to April.

They grow to a height of around 100-200mm (4"-8") and spreads to around 300mm (12") diameter.

These characteristics make it well suited to growing in rock gardens, and at the front of borders.

They are also suited to growing under deciduous trees because they flower before the tree/s come into full leaf.


Week 16:

If the clusters are becoming overcrowded or outgrowing their allotted space and the weather condition is suitable, lift and divide the plants when the foliage is dying back.

Around the same time seed can be saved.

Remove the round seed pods when the seed is ripe (black) but before the capsules have opened.

Sow the seeds in pots or trays of seed compost and place in a coldframe to germinate.

Grow the seedlings on for a full season then plant them out in their new quarters after the foliage has died down the following year.

Week 40:

Plant the bulbs out approx. 50-75mm (2"-3") apart and 50-75mm (2"-3") deep in ordinary well-drained garden soil that gets full sunlight in early spring, although they will tolerate partial shade.

They are most effective when planted in groups.

Self seeded plants can be lifted now, potted up and grown on in a cold frame until the following year.

Larger plants can be planted in their final quarters.

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