Chinese Cabbage


Chinese cabbage look more like a cos lettuce than a cabbage, which may give rise to them often being referred to as Chinese leaves.

It is fast growing crop, and can be ready for cutting in as little as six or seven weeks.

Chinese cabbage

Cultivation is completely different from conventional cabbage.

Unlike the cabbage family they don't take kindly to transplanting so the should be sown directly into the soil.

Like the other brassicas they like a rich soil with a pH above neutral (7.0)

Chinese cabbage are reknowned for bolting, providing some shade can help to prevent this in hot summers.


Week 25:

Sow the seeds from now until circa week 32 at three to four week intervals where the plants are to mature.

Sow in rows 150-200mm (6"-8") apart and 13mm (½") deep.

Germination should take 5-7 days.

Thin the seedlings to 300-400mm (12"-15") apart when they are 5-7cm (2"-3") tall.

Chinese cabbages should never be transplanted, to do so can cause them to bolt (run to seed) prematurely.

Keep the plants well watered during dry spells this will also deter bolting.


They are ready for cutting in late summer and early autumn.

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