Common name: Slipperwort / Slipper flower

A half hardy biennial that flowers from June to July/August, and is often grown as a pot plant in the UK

They grow to a height of 200-500mm (2"-18") dependant on variety, and come in shades of red, orange and yellow.


Calceolaria -John Innes
A Closer look

They require relatively cool conditions so ensure their growing area is well ventilated and that the plants are shaded from direct sun.

Do not allow them to dry out.

Keep an eye open for aphid attacks, treat accordingly if they become infested.

The perennial varieties will not withstand frost so these will require frost protection during the winter.


Week 8:

Start up plants into growth by increasing the watering and raise the temperature to 12°C (55°F)

Week 15:

Sow seeds on the surface of trays containing any proprietary seed compost, and germinate them at a temperature of 18°-21°C (64°-70°F)

Germination should take around two weeks.

Week 19:

When large enough to handle prick out into 50mm (2") cell trays or boxes at 50mm (2") apart.

Alternatively, sow Week 32 for flowering December to March.

Week 20:

Pot up previous seasons seedlings into 125-150mm (5"-6") pots of potting compost.

Week 21:

Pot up new seedlings into individual 70mm (3") pots of potting compost, place in a cold frame and grow on until first frosts.

Alternatively, complete this task circa Week 39

Week 23:

If desired pots can be placed outside in a sheltered spot after all fear of late frosts has passed.

Week 40:

Take plants into a warmer frost free greenhouse or conservatory and maintain a minimum temperature of 10° - 12°C (50° - 54°F)

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