Common name; Swan River Daisy

The species Brachycome iberidifolia originates from Australia, and is considered to be an easy to grow annual.

It is a useful subject for planting out in containers and borders.

The mounds of fragrant blue, Lilac, Pink, White or yellow daisy like flowers with yellow or black eyes appear from late June to September, growing to around 500mm (18”) high and spread to around 300-400mm (12”-14”)

Brachycome iberidifolia

Deadhead plants regularly to encourage further flower production.


Week 14:

Sow the seeds on the surface of pots/trays filled with a proprietary seed compost.

Keep the compost moist but not over wet.

Lightly cover them with vermiculite, and propagate them at a temperature of 18°-21°C (64°-70°F) until the seedlings are established.

Germination should take a three to five days subject to soil temperature.

Sow seeds every three to four weeks to maintain a continuity of flowering plants.

circa Week 15:

When large enough to handle prick them out in boxes / trays of potting compost and keep them in a light position (but not direct sunlight) at a slightly lower temperature for a week to ten days.

Week 17:

Place them in a cold frame to harden off.

Week 22:

Plant out 150mm-200mm (6"-8") apart in full sunlight or partial shade in well cultivated soil, when all fear of late frost has passed.

Pinch out the growing tips to encourage a bushy plant.

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