Bougainvillea is a shrubby climbing greenhouse or conservatory plant, and is generally grown for its coloured bracts rather than its insignificant flowers.

Some varieties can be used as ground cover plants, others as shrubs.

Basically there are three species; buttiana, glabra and spectabilis the latter two being the most common in the UK.

Both glabra and spectabilis will grow to around 2.5 metres high in a pot, or up to 10m in the greenhouse border where there is less root restriction

Pink Bougainvillea spectabilis
Orange Bougainvillea spectabilis

Pots should be at least 200-250mm (8"-10") diameter and filled with potting compost that is the equivalent of JI No 3.


Week 8:

Plant out in pots / greenhouse border.

Train pot grown specimens up canes and the greenhouse specimens along horizontal wires just below roof level.

Prune the plants by cutting back the main growths by about a third of their length.

Cut out any diseased or weak growth at the same time.

Week 22:

Commence weekly feeding programme using a high potash liquid fertiliser.

Keep plants well watered at all times, in particular pot grown plants.

Week 26:

Take softwood cuttings and root them at a temperature of 21°- 24°C (70°- 75°F)

The cuttings may take up to a month to root.

Week 38:

After flowering ease off the watering and let the plants go virtually dry, that is, only slightly moist until spring.

Keep the plants at a minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F)

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