Common name: Thyme leaved graticula.

Bacopa monnieri in its natural habitat, grows in damp, marshy areas.

In India it is cultivated for its medicinal properties.

It is a succulent creeping herb, with numerous prostrate branches, each 100-300mm (4"-12")long.

This spreading / trailing habit makes it a suitable plant for baskets and container work.

Bacopa monnieri


Week 15:

Take cuttings by selecting non-flowering shoots about 25mm (1") long.

Cut just below a leaf joint with a sharp blade, remove the lower leaves, and insert the cuttings to half of their depth in pure perlite or a mix of 50/50 perlite and multipurpose compost.

Water well, then cover with a plastic bag and maintain a minimum temperature of 16C (60F) until rooted.

Rooting should take place in around 10-14 days.

Week 18-19:

Pot on into 75mm (3") pots of potting compost, and keep them out of direct sunlight, and at a temperature of 10°C(50°F) for a couple of weeks then harden them off in a coldframe or cool greenhouse.

Week 44:

Take plants indoors and trim them to a regular shape in preparation for winter storage.

They need a minimum temperature of 4°C (40°F) and should be kept very lightly moist in a brightly lit position.

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