Alchemilla mollis


Common name: Lady's Mantle

This is an easy to grow herbaceous perennial generally grown for its variegated leaf formation and lime-green flowers that appear in June/July.

It grows to around 300 -500 mm (12"-18") tall with a 600mm (24”) spread.

It is a useful flower for flower arranging because of its unusual colour.

Alchemilla mollis

Cultural Notes

Week 10:

Sow seeds in trays of seed compost and germinate at a temperature of 10°- 12°C (50-55°F)

Prick out seedlings when large enough to handle into small pots/cells and grow on in a cold frame until planting out time.

Week 34:

Cut back stems after flowering to 25mm (1") above ground level.

Alchemilla mollis is a prolific ‘self seeder’ meaning, you may find lots of seedling plants appearing around the parent plants in spring, cutting back after flowering helps to reduce this problem.

Week 40:

Divide plants, and replant immediately any time from now until April, providing ground conditions allow.

Week 40:

Plant out new plants 400mm (15") apart in moist well drained soil either in full sun or dappled shade.

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