Common name; Floss flower

A half hardy annual with flower heads that resemble shaving brushes and appear from June to October.


The species is not hardy in the colder areas of the UK unless they are located in a sunny sheltered spot.

They are suited to most types of garden soil,and will grow to around 100- 250mm (4”-10”) high depending upon variety.

This makes it them suitable subject for edging borders, island beds and containers.

In the border
Flower head

Dead-head plants regularly to prolong the flowering period, and water sparingly throughout the growing season.

The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are a favoured source of nectar for butterflies and moths.

Cultivation notes:

Week 12:

Sow seed in trays/pots of seed compost and lightly cover with vermiculite, and germinate at around 21°C (70°F)

They should take around a week to germinate.

Week 15:

If large enough to handle, prick out into 50mm (2”) cells or in trays 50mm (2”) apart.

Grow on in a well lit frost free environment until planting out time.

Week 22:

Plant them out after the last expected frosts in a sunny spot placing them 200mm (8”) apart.

Week 33:

Sow seeds for spring flowering.

Week 38:

Plants for early spring flowering should be potted on into 125mm (5") pots of John Innes potting compost No.1 (or equivalent) and grow on through the winter months at 10°C (50°F)

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